Dania W. Frink 

...a multidisciplinary artist. She is a painter, digital artist, upcyclist, and animator; merging formal training with self-taught exploration. Frink's work examines the range of experiences of the African Diaspora (particularly, Black Americans) within the contexts of love and relationships, womanhood, navigating and battling oppression, the influence of music, tradition, storytelling and cultural preservation, and beauty."


Describe the purpose or vision of Fluffy Jo in the world...

"Create art... authentically and meaningfully, period." 

Three words that describe your art...

"Black, proud, beautiful."

 "Marin Headlands."

Favorite Bay Area destination?

Who is your favorite creative? Why?

"Anthony! This is SUCH a hard question, man. One of my favorites is Carlos Spivey (who also happens to be one of my mentors). His art spans media; from paintings, to mosaics, to animation. What I appreciate about Carlos' creative practice is that it is boundless, yet is evident of years of artistic discipline. In other words, he creates many different types of art, but doesn't half-step when it comes to its quality. I aspire to be that type of artist."

Favorite Bay Area Restaurant?

"Miss Ollie's"

Describe your creative process...

"It varies, honestly. Inspiration can come from anywhere (e.g. a song, a color, a painful event, a conversation I had with a friend). From there, it's a messy brainstorm in a sketch pad. I may bounce ideas off of family and friends. Assess what materials I'll use. I'm a researcher by nature, so often I'll find myself seeking/reading articles and books that may provide a foundation for my work. Then I get to work!"

What's usually on your playlist when you create?

"Teedra Moses, The Foreign Exchange, The Internet, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Oddisee, KING, Beyoncé, and James Brown."

Favorite colors?

"Black, gold, turquoise."

Shout out or acknowledge another local creative or peer:

"Melonie and Melorra Green, Kenneth Marcelous, Karen and Malik Seneferu, and Stephen Bruce. These individuals are beacons in the creative community and have tirelessly supported created opportunities for Black artists in the SF Bay Area."


What other projects

are you working on?

"I recently launched, Still Kings and Queens, which offers arts based open educational resources for learning and teaching about the rich history of the African Diaspora. Beyond art, another passion of mine is cultural preservation. This project was born out of acknowledging that a gap exists in the education space, and providing a solution."

Favorite quote?

"The pinch of circumstance forces man to do what he once deemed impossible." (Jamaican proverb)

Advice for any other creatives?

"Explore, create, learn, teach, create, collaborate, share information, stop overthinking things, create, take risks, define your values and stand firm in them, create,


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