...is an artist and MC from New Jersey, currently residing in Madrid, Spain.

Kameron is the MC of AfroJam in Lavapies and other venues throughout the city of Madrid.


"I'm a person who enjoys seeing people together, creating, innovating and definitely winning at life all the while having a good time. In short, that probably is one of my main driving passions in life. I do my best at spreading positive energy throughout my life. None of us are perfect. My mission is to unite and above all heal. We all need a bit more Love in our lives. I try and do my part by organizing events."

Describe the purpose or vision of Afro jam:

"It's to create a space for artists, mainly the African diaspora, where they can share their art openly with people from their neighborhood, Lavapies."

Name 3 of the most influential creatives in your life time. (art,music,etc)? Why?

"My Uncle, he was a producer who interested me in music. Dattie an amazing friend who lives in Madrid. He taught me how to be fearless. Olivier Raslo he gave me my first chance at music in Madrid."

What made you travel/live abroad and how has it impacted your life?

"There were a series of events that led to me coming here. The impact it had on my life has been tremendous. I never thought of being a musician. My parents now have passports and have travelled to Spain 3 times and now wanna travel the world. And the growth has been exponential to say the least. And to tell the truth the best is yet to come." 

What do you miss most about home (states/jersey)?

"I miss my family the most. I come from a huge family. Each Christmas and New Years my moms side of the family gets together and there are always like 50 plus people, all fam."

What other projects are you working on?

"I'm about to release my debut EP titled #thekillahtape"

What's your favorite verse from a song?

"Smokie Norful- I need you now. The whole song tho."

If I never needed you before
To show up and restore
All of the faith that I let slip
While I was yet searching the world for more
The truest friend I have indeed
You are my best friend I know in me
I stretch my hands to thee
Come rescue me
I need you right away

The agony of being alone
Fear of doing things on my own
The test and trials that come to make me strong
The feelings of guilt, hurt, shame and defeat
The waves of trials that beat upon me
But to know, Lord, that in you I've got victory

Who are you listening to in your headphones?

"My EP #thekillahtape coming out soon!"

Favorite Madrid Restaurant?

"Colores Bar. It's a Senegalese restaurant that is the business. Everything is good. Literally, don't forget to ask for the picante(spicy) sauce."

Favorite Madrid destination?

"La Tabacalera. A social cultural space."

Favorite Jersey Restaurant?

"Nardi's. Italian American Deli specializing in Cheesesteaks and Hoagies."

Favorite Jersey destination?

"The Shore. The beaches not the BS lol! "

In 5 words send a message to TRUMP:

"I have to use 6 lol.

Don't start none won't be none."

Shout out or acknowledge another creative or peer:

"Edward Davies. He's a performance artist!"

Advice for other creatives (especially those thinking about moving abroad)?

"Trust your instincts. Life has a funny way of dropping hints all along your lifetime for which way to go. When you trust yourself those signs become so apparent."

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