Imagine a life without photos

I am Anthony Weaver, born and raised in Oakland California. I studied film and earned my Bachelor's degree from San Francisco State University, but more importantly, I am a firm believer in preserving memories.

I was in middle school when I got my first camera. It was a Kodak disposable camera. Yes, the ones you could get from Walgreens lol! It was the first of many wind up disposable cameras that I would use to capture the moments from my childhood. I fell in love with documenting my family and friends and couldn't wait to see what I had captured on film so that I could put them in my album, pin them to my wall or share them with everyone. I have those photos to this day and couldn't imagine my life without those memories captured on 4x6s to look back on.

I love light. I love shadows. I love color. I love authenticity. I love fun… and my hope is that all of this translates through my photographs.

So that's why I'm here.

I'm here to capture life's special moments and create with love!


Bob Hunter- Hunter Events

“I have worked with Anthony for the past four years and he has always exceeded my very high expectations. As a Corporate Event and Conference Producer, I manage many different vendors for one given Event. I never have to worry about Anthony. He is always on time, dressed professionally, and has a great rapport with the guests he is photographing -- the guests love him. Anthony delivers a beautiful and artful final product that not only I love but the end Client loves and treasures as well -- the pictures.”

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Please introduce yourself and provide as much information as possible on what you envison and what you would like to accomplish with your photo session. Please include location, dates, time, type of event/shoot, hours of coverage needed, number of guests, budget or special shots.